Bull Thrower’s Award

Bull Thrower’s Award

Established in 1963, the Bull Thrower’s Trophy has been presented annually at the British Columbia Provincial Convention to the individual who has thrown the most ‘bull‘ during the Convention.

A combination of verbal skill, imagination and occasionally even wit makes any Brother susceptible to such an honour.

A list of the infamous famous winners appears below a photo of the most recent winner.
NOTE: Names underlined are Brothers who are Past Provincial/State Presidents (Honorary Past Provincial Presidents’ names are italicized; those in bold are Past Grand Worthy Presidents)

Deceased Brothers are marked with an asterisk (*)

1963 Wilber Franklin “Frank” Hunter #2638*
1964 William “Bill” Horsfield #12
1965 Fred Gust #20*
1966 Norm Cary #2831*
1967 Harry Reynolds #2075
1968 William “Bill” Pechnik #15
1969 Robert “Bob” Hanlon #2638*
1970 Walter “Walt” Karp #2075
1971 Burt Peterson #3318*
1972 William “Bill” Gillingwater #2726*
1973 Charlie Spooner #20*
1974 C. W. Lockwood #2638
1975 Victor “Vic” Samuels #3097
1976 Willam R. “Bill” Bennett #2075*
1977 R. J. “Pat” Morgan #20*
1978 Arthur O. “Art” Nesseth #2638
1979 Paul R. Einarson #3097*
1980 Lou Naples #3170
1981 Larry Moyer #2831*
1982 Doug Brice #3170*
1983 John Peckham #2075*
1984 Gene Masson #2831*
1985 Dave Irvine #10
1986 Harry Gold #3032
1987 Bob Letoria #10
1988 Nick Bortnick #3097
1989 Ken Cross #2101*
1990 Fred Hollinger #3557*
1991 H. S. “Ollie” Olson #2638*
1992 Mark Altman #3 (Tacoma, WA)
1993 Bob Tasker #20*
1994 Bill Lisney #2075
1995 Irv Dick #20
1996 Joseph Millette #20
1997 George Hartley #22
1998 Jim Leslie #2838
1999 Geoff Middlehurst #3318
2000 Bill Loffer #3912 (Bellevue, NE)
2001 Jim Gellatly #3453
2002 Brian Kersey #2726
2003 Brian McGraw #3097
2004 Robert “Jonesy” Jones #3032
2005 John Noldan #4226 (North Mason, WA)
2006 Erich Hippolt #3097
2007 Andy Davies #2726
2008 Hector Dubois #3097
2009 Renee Paquette #2726
2010 Ron Gair #3453
2011 Gerry Liu #20
2012 Ray Hawksworth #12
2013 Cory Krisko #2831
2014 Greg Jones #2576 (North Lincoln, OR)
2015 Joey Lasaga #2101
2016 Dave Smith #10/#4281
2017 Gene Hansen #1037 (Fairbanks, AK)
2018 Eric Harry #4281
2019 Michael Wilson #3097

And the winner in 2007 was….

Abbotsford Aerie Past President Ray Craig (at left) clutches his nether-regions, while at right, another Aerie #2726 Past President Brian Kersey thinks his breakfast is in jeopardy. Beside him, Past Provincial President Joseph Millette surrenders his regalia, transfers to Maple Ridge on the spot, then runs screaming from the room. The cause of all this was, at center, Aerie #2726’s Andy Davies’ selection as the 2007 recipient of the prestigious dreaded Bull Thrower’s Award. The Fraser Valley will never be the same…but then that’s probably a good thing. Congratulations, Bwana…your fashion sense is, um, somewhere else, obviously…Rhodesian off-road meets Charlie Brown–a killer combination, to be sure. Our apologies to our Sisters about the legs, but there was no stopping the man short of the “Zulu Warrior” dance.

And the winner in 2008 was….

At the Campbell River Convention in June of 2008, hometown Brother Hector Dubois was the recipient of the prestigious dreaded Bull Thrower’s Award. Prior to the presentation, however, the beloved icon of Eagle verbosity somehow wound up for sale on eBay. The story of its retrieval can be heard from the following soundbite…  (this MP3 audio file will take about 30 seconds to download; use your browser’s Back button to return to this page). Enjoy this story of one semi-innocent Brother’s [Prov. Secretary Will “Mr. Know-It-All” Heigh] scheme to turn his $50 intended for Worthy Provincial President Mike “Crown and Water” McPhee’s Hospice charity into $200. Thanks to Washington Past State President John Noldan for hosting this exchange, and Abbotsford Brothers Andy “363 Days” Davies, Brian “Not-To-Be-Trusted” Kersey and Rick “Yipper” Kies for being such good sports in going along with it.

And the winner in 2009 was….

At the Vernon Convention in June of 2009, Abbotsford #2726 Brother Renee Briquette BucketPack-it Keystone Paquette was the recipient of the prestigious dreaded Bull Thrower’s Award. While Brother Renee possessed no other claim, the Brothers Assembled at Convention showed further signs of advanced wear-and-tear by electing Renee as the newest Provincial Trustee. Confidentially, we may be doomed…but we’ll have a lot of fun.

And the winner in 2010 was….

At the Cranbrook Convention in June of 2010, Kamloops #3453 Brother Ron Rhonda Gair was the recipient of the prestigious dreaded Bull Thrower’s Award. While Sister Rhonda possessed no other claim, the Brothers Assembled at Convention showed further signs of lunacy by electing Rhonda here as the newest Provincial Chaplain. It may be very wise to say this now: God help us.

Paul Einarson, “Champion Bull Thrower”, June 1979, in Penticton-Summerland, B.C.

And the winner in 2011 was…

At the Penticton Convention in June of 2011, New Westminster #20 Brother Gerry Mo-reen Liu was the recipient of the prestigious dreaded Bull Thrower’s Award. While Brother Mo possessed no other claim, the Bullthrowers Assembled at Convention showed exaggerated evidence of mental instability by choosing Mo here as the newest Provincial Sky Pilot Chaplain. We should all be vewwy vewwy careful.

And the winner in 2012 was…

At the Abbotsford Convention in June of 2012, Victoria #12 Brother Ray Hawksworth was the recipient of the prestigious dreaded Bull Thrower’s Award. Brother Ray (pictured above at the Penticton 2011 Convention) showed such shrewd dress sense, the Bullthrowers Assembled in Abbotsford showed a wisdom that they have rarely before possessed and selected him first as the Bullthrower and then as the newest Provincial Grunt Trustee. As the newest “Hub” to be capped, we wish Brother Ray well, and are lighting copious candles for all who may follow in his wake…”Orr” are we?

And the winner in 2013 was…

At the Kamloops Convention in June of 2013, Victoria #12 Brother Ray Hawksworth (at right) passed the prestigious dreaded Bull Thrower’s Award on to Maple Ridge #2831 Brother Cory Krisko (at left). Brother Cory, through a web of verbal calisthenics and subtle behavioural abberations, the Bullthrowers Assembled in Kamloops seemed to be stunned into submission. Well done, Cory?

And the winner in 2014 was…

At the Hope Convention in June of 2014, Oregon State President Brother Greg Jones received the prestigious dreaded Bull Thrower’s Award. I think there may be an Oregon beaver we can turn loose near the trophy hopefully…

And the winner in 2015 was…

At the Penticton Convention in June of 2015, Ladysmith #2101’s Joey Lasaga received the prestigious redoubtable Bull Thrower’s Award. Brother Joey followed up this achievement by being elected as a Provincial Trustee the next morning. Yikes!

At the Campbell River Convention in June of 2016, Penticton #4281’s Dave Smith received the prestigious redoubtable Bull Thrower’s Award. I think we may be doomed!

At the Abbotsford Convention in June of 2017, Fairbanks, Alaska #1037’s PSP Gene Hansen received the prestigious redoubtable Bull Thrower’s Award. Perhaps the trophy may get frozen over (with any luck)!

At the Vernon Convention in June of 2018, Penticton#4281’s PPP Eric Harry received the prestigious redoubtable Bull Thrower’s Award. Here is a photo of Eric defending the trophy from the previous winner Gene Hansen just after presentation of the award.

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