Eagles Charitable Philosophy

People Helping People is a value that the Fraternal Order of Eagles has held for more than a century. It’s a statement that guides the charitable actions to help members and their families as well as fellow Americans affected by illness, injury or catastrophe.

It is this philosophy that has inspired our leadership to work toward a Fraternal Order of Eagles medical research facility dedicated to eliminating diseases that afflict so many.

In addition to our perennial major charities, such as the Art Ehrmann Cancer Fund, D.D. Dunlap Kidney Fund, Lew Reed Spinal Cord Injury Fund, Max Baer Heart Fund, Diabetes Fund, Jimmy Durante Children’s Fund, Golden Eagle Fund, and the M. “Blackie” Floyd Alzheimer’s and Muscular Dystrophy Fund, local Aeries and Auxiliaries in their states and provinces support many worthy causes and charities within the communities in which they reside. It is this direct interaction with families and communities that the Fraternal Order of Eagles has achieved some of its most impressive work.

For a list of the Charity Chairpeople within BC, click here.

For the Provincial Worthy President’s designated charity page, click here.

For the Provincial Madam President’s designated charity page, click here.

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