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March 2014


From the Aerie President


  This, I believe, is the last ‘Message from the Worthy President ‘that I’ll write for the newsletter. While you honoured me by allowing me to lead this Aerie for the past 5 years, it’s time to move on. Naturally, I shall make myself available to serve on the Board and Committees. I would like to thank you for the physical and spiritual challenge that the Eagles have given me over the years. Being the longest- standing President of this Aerie, is either a sign of my determination, or my stupidity!

    I know that being in a positive climate and attitude situation for the last two  months has given me a somewhat jaded opinion, but I did notice on my return a bit of negativity in the Club. Conceding that this was due to a long, miserable winter, I say that Spring is here- time to welcome new life…..time for gardening, golfing and just plain getting along. The positive things that you have done over the last months should carry on and get better. 

    April is nominating month for a new Board to run the Club. If you are at all interested in serving on the Board, or any Committee, please contact me or any Board member. The Nomination meeting is Apr. 21- you don’t have to attend- but we urge you to. If not, you can indicate your intention to stand for a position by writing a letter and dropping it by the Aerie before that date. A life of Service is the best !


    Thanks to the Brothers and Sisters of Aerie 3557



Ladies Auxiliary – President’s Report



Hello everyone,


I hope all of you are doing well.

Elections are coming up, if anyone is interested in taking an officers position.

Convention is coming up in June, in Hope.  Good luck to the ladies who are going to compete.

Nominating Committee


Klara Schubert 250-542-1818

Tina Whiting 250-545-4308

Marlene Collins 250-558-4726



Denise Fransbergen





Sick and Visiting


Get Well wishes go out to all of our Brothers and Sisters who have recently been in the hospital are in the hospital or who have just been under the weather.  We wish you all a speedy recovery. 


Our condolences go out to the family of Harold Leckie on his recent passing.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Tina, Patti, Rod and Sheri Whiting on the recent passing of Murray. 


I am very sorry that I missed Isabel Burgemaster in the last newsletter — she had a knee replacement in early December — here’s hoping she is well on her way to complete recovery.

Sympathy is extended to the Whiting family on the loss of our brother Murray.

We’re also hoping that the other sisters that have been a little under the weather are on there way to recovery — Alice Meissner, Doreen Ellison and Donna Yarama.

Hope this newsletter is finding everyone in the spring mode.


Sincerely Jo-Anne Meissner



If you know of anyone who is or has been sick please contact your Sick and Visiting Committee.

Aerie Contact Rick Reid.  250-549-1565

Auxiliary Joanne Meissner 250-558-8647








Every Wed. at 2 PM is drop in crib here at the Club.

Please feel free to join in.




Hello all my Sisters. The Year is almost over, and preparing for Elections for the coming year. I would like to thank our Madam President Denise for appointing me the Aux. Mother for the year 2013-2014.It was a surprise and wonderful, now we are looking forward to another wonderful year, with new experiences, All the Friday night Dinners, Banquets Weddings, Bowling Banquets. And I just got back from our winter home in Mexico, boy it is still cold here. Just came back from Hope from the Prov. E-board Meeting it was a productive Meeting, and I would like to thank my Aux. for supporting me during my Position as Prov. Inside Guard. It is a learning experience, every year you learn more at the Prov. level, this year it was my job to do the spring Raffle, the Aux. got lucky again. And of course our Past Prov. Presidents are always there to give us there support, and there knowledge. Now we are busy with Ritual Practice . Convention is fast approaching. Getting ready for Grand Madam Pres. visit in Penticton on April 19.


Klara Schubert

Provincial Inside Guard

Aux. Mother






Our Annual Ukrainian Dinner will be held on Friday, April 25th.  We

have been busy making the perogies and cabbage rolls and the Sadok

Ukrainian Dance Ensemble is booked to entertain you following dinner.

This event is by pre-sold tickets which are available in the Lounge for

$10.00 each and we limit the event to 100 people so be sure to get

your tickets in advance.  Dinner will be served at 6 pm sharp.



I would like to thank everyone for their concerns and get well wishes and condolences to Elouise on the loss of her Mother. Get well wishes to Doreen, hope the test came out good. I trust everyone had a very nice New Year, can’t believe the Year is gone; soon we have to think about returning to the Okanagan. The Weather is in the 27-30 everyday. Hate to come home to snow. The Park had their annual Breast Cancer Clinic. Could not work it this year, had a very bad cough. But good now. I trust the Ritual Team is having Practices. And hope it is going well, we are getting ready for our Annual Pig Roast, on Valentines Day, and of course I am cooking for this, making Gravy for about 220 People. Well what else is new, once you Volunteer, it’s in you’re Blood. We are also having a Tostato Party, just in time before we leave. We are leaving here on the 9 of March, should be home on the 16th, the Provincial Executive Meeting is on the 21, in Hope. See you all soon.

Bye for now from the sunny Mexico. Tell you more at Home.

Klara Schubert

Prov. madam inside Guard

Aux. Mother



Entertainment Committee Report


We are having Jason Scott perform as almost Neil Diamond on Saturday April 26. Roast beef dinner and all the trimmings doors open 5, dinner 6 Showtime 7:30. Tickets are 30.00 each. Get your tickets early last show was sold out in just 3 weeks.


On behalf of the entertainment committee I would like to give a big thank you to each and everyone of you who helped make our Valentine dinner and Show a great success. I would specially like to thank:
George W & Tom L for cooking the lovely steaks.
Tom B for cooking the prawns
Tom B and Evelyn for setting up the hall for the night
Steve, Marlene Lloyd, and Donna for cooking the great meal
Evelyn, Donna, Nicole, Gail and Doreen for serving the beverages to all

those who came to the show.
Phyllis for taking the photo of the poster and posting it on facebook
If I have missed anyone thank you also.

Adam will be back again in the fall for another fantastic show. 

Stay tuned for dates. 

He may also be having another special guest with him.




Friday Night Suppers


April 4- Roast Pork

April 11- BBQ Steaks

April 18 –Roast Turkey

April 25-Ukaranian Dinner with Sakok Dancers





L.A Catering at the Rec Center April 11.  Contact Klara Schubert if you can help.  This is a big Bowling Banquet that we do every year and lots of help is always needed.  Call Klara at 250-542-1818 if you can lend a hand at all. 


Help is also needed for banquets coming up in May.  Please give Tina a call at 250-545-4308 if you can spare some time at all. 





Thank you to Charles Seel and Ken Jantz for cleaning the compressor on the kitchen fridge, and Thank you to Marilyn Seel for coming with Charles and helping me put the fridge back together


Sister Tina



Thank You


Thank you to all Eagle Brothers and Sisters for your many acts of kindness.  Big Thank You to Brothers Denis Mark and Dennis Brunelle and Eve Torrance for making Murray’s service so special.  To all, for the food, flowers, fruit baskets and cards.  It was so appreciated.


Tina, Patti , Rod & Sheri Whiting & family



Where are you? 

Over the past few months, attendance at our meetings has fallen off considerably and this is not a good thing.  This is your Auxiliary, Sisters and any decisions concerning its operation are made at the meetings.  I know we all have very busy lives; however, we need to make time to attend meetings, even periodically to ensure that our Auxiliary continues to operate successfully.  None of us love to attend meetings but it is a necessary evil as there are certain “business” items that require our attention.  These decisions also include who will receive our Charity monies, fund-raising ideas, a new slate of officers, etc.  However, meetings are also a chance to get involved with things that are going on, to bring your ideas, and to get to know your other Sisters better.

I am asking the sisters, who do not attend the meetings, for any ideas they may have as to what might be done to encourage the members to come out.  If you have any suggestions, please phone me at 250-260-4169 or e-mail me at

Please, Sisters, we need your input.


Carol Torrance, Secretary



Just a Reminder



We collect Campbell soup labels, postage stamps, tin foil, and store receipts for, Buy Low and Butcher Boys it all helps the community. PLEASE NOTE: We need the itemized portion of the receipt with the total. NOT the debit portion. Please remove the debit/ credit card portion of the receipt


These can be left at the lounge or given to Leanne Hews.







I would at this time like to thank everyone that helps put this newsletter together.  With out you folding, stuffing, stamping, and sealing this Talon would not get off the ground.  A very special thank you goes out to Evelyn for printing and editing this newsletter.  I thank you all so much.







Meat Draw, Supper & Karaoke


Meat Draws at 5:30 PM, Friday Night Suppers at 6 PM, & Karaoke at 8 PM.


Watch the table cards for your favourites.


Karaoke with Brenda on Friday Nights at 8:00 pm, come out and try your voice, or just listen to the tunes.






We will be hosting the B.C. Provincial Darts on April 11, 12 & 13th 2014. We get teams from other Eagles Clubs from all over the Province. If you would like to help with this event or better still play in it please talk to Paul Cavanaugh. You must be a member in good standing to play.

Friday night Supper is BBQ Steak $10.00 -The Kitchen will be open Sat Morning for Breakfast from 8 AM to 10 AM & Lunch   from 11 Am to 1 PM.  Dinner will be available at 6 PM Menu to follow. Everyone Welcome!







As many of you already know, the new bar is in… and it looks great! It works well, as we gave it a good test run for the Inter Provincial Curling last week.

We have Provincial Darts Coming up, as well as Neil Diamond on the 26th of April and on May 28th will be the Joint Installation of new Officers.

May 3rd is the Aerie’s 40th Anniversary. Watch for posters about that Party!!




Check the Board in the lounge and hall for more details on upcoming events.  If you have any questions on events happening around the nest, please call and we will try and answer them for you 250-542-3003.





Newsletter Deadline


The next newsletter deadline will be on, June 13 2014. Please have your submission in to the office or to Patti by then.  Email submission to .

If you would rather receive your copy of the Talon by E-Mail, please inform the office and give them your e-mail address.






PNW Bonspiel


Well it is all over and done and a good time was had by all.  We of the curling committee would like to thank all of our volunteers and helpers, and you know who you are, without all of your help this event would not have bee the success that it was, thanks again 3557!!!


Kent and Brenda, and the rest of the committee


















                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY

                       April 2014                                            MAY 2014                        

                      04/01  Dan Baker                              05/02 Shirley Newson                    

                      04/01    Hugh McKay                          05/03  Doreen Ellinson

                        04/01  Lisa Maki                               05/04  Donna Yarama

                        04/03  Wilma Wendel                       05/04  Karen Certic

                        04/04  Victor Grill                              05/05  Laura Fisher

                        04/05  Klara Schubert                       05/05  Margaret Church                                                       04/07   Ronald Heuman                                05/06  Dave Friesen           

                        04/08  Sharon Shpeley                     05/07  Rodrick Baziw         

                        04/09  Randy Spinks                         05/09  Steve Myatt        

                        04/10   Blair Downie                           05/10  Bruce Mickelson

                        04/10  Jake Terpstra                          05/13  Art Mooney             

                        04/11   Dave Palendat                      05/14  Elsie Reid                

                        04/12   Randy Wangler                     05/15  Terry Mathers

                        04/12   Penny Perry                          05/15  Elaine Toop

                        04/14  Ann Jubenvill                            05/17  Justin Mayrhofer

                        04/16   Martin Allen                           05/17 Ray Tilby

                        04/17   Earl Sutton                            05/17  Gladys Davies

                        04/19  Nancie West                           05/18  Rene Gendron                                  

                        04/19   Marie Kelogie                        05/18 Phyllis Frost

                        04/23   Terry Osborne                    05/19  Dallas Martel

                        04/27   James Burns                         05/19  Gary Green

                        04/28  Steve Gibson                          05/20  Diane Storey           

                                                                                     05/24 Tannis Jones            

                                                                                     05/29  John Mayrhofer

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