Why be an Eagles volunteer?

In the more than 20 Aeries (Home Clubs) of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in our province, the core of our existence is owed to our volunteers. With the knowledge that their efforts are what keeps each of the not-for-profit Aeries functioning, their level of pride and satisfaction is well justified.

The organization cannot offer more than its thanks to our member volunteers, but several advantages exist for all members of the Order in BC:

– The Memorial Foundation supports children (including those legally adopted) of members who die while serving their country or at work. All Eagle members and their families are automatically protected by this unprecedented safety net.

With the Memorial Foundation children of deceased members who die while serving their country or at work are able to attend college or vocational school with grants up to $30,000. They can also receive medical assistance including payments to physicians, dentists, orthodontists, and hospitals. The cost of eyeglasses, prescriptions, as well as medical and dental devices is also included.

Aside from member support, the Memorial Foundation also provides educational benefits to graduates of Home on the Range in Sentinel Butte, North Dakota; High Sky Girls Ranch in Midland, Texas; and Bob Hope High School in Port Arthur, Texas. Read more about the Memorial Foundation by clicking here.

– Automatic $3,000.00 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Coverage

With thanks to the American Income Life Insurance Company, every Eagle member in BC qualifies for $3,000.00 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Coverage at no cost whatsoever. Click this underlined text link to access the application form.

Good Search

Want to give back to the Eagles on a daily basis? Use Good Search as your Internet search engine and a penny will be donated to the Eagles for each search made under our registration. The Fraternal Order of Eagles Charity Foundation is a registered charity with Good Search. Start now by clicking on the Good Search link! Remember all searches must be credible – fraudulent searches will result in the Eagles being removed.

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