Best Website Award

Donated in 1999 by Edgar Bailey of Trail Aerie #2838, the Best Web Site Award annually recognizes great work by an individual for creating and maintaining an Aerie/Auxiliary web site within the province of British Columbia. Winners have shown foresight and provided not only their local members but also visitors to the site with information about their community and our Fraternal Order.

For the 2019-2020 term the judges will be:
Dan Miner, North-West #2638 (chair)
Will Heigh, Abbotsford #2726
Ray Hawksworth, Victoria #12
Gail Kapusta, Parksville #3922

The judges will consider all sites within the province and make their decision by the deadline of the first day of Convention each year.

To submit endorsements for sites to be considered, contact the
Worthy Provincial President’s Webmaster Dan Miner at
301-9147 Saturna Dr, Burnaby, BC
by phone at 778-899-5913
or by email at
Submissions will be forwarded to the judges as they arrive.

The recipients have been as follows:

1999-2000 Edgar Bailey, Trail #2838
2000-2001 Chris Bradley, North-West #2638
2001-2002 Wes Monaghan, Kootenai #3027
2002-2003 George Hartley, Nelson #22
(Web Recognition Award)
2003-2004 Will Heigh, Abbotsford #2726
2004-2005 B. G. Flanagan, Ladysmith #2101
2005-2006 Gail Kapusta, Parksville #3922
2006-2007 Darren Critchley, Vernon #3557
2007-2008 *Gail Kapusta, Parksville #3922
2008-2009 Bev Bailey, Vancouver #2075
2009-2010 Roy Byers, Hope #2690
2010-2011 Randall Didiuk, New Westminster #20
(Web Recognition Award)
2011-2012 Roy Byers, Hope #2690
2012-2013 *Will Heigh, Maple Ridge #2831
2013-2014 Debbie Little, Penticton #4281
2014-2015 Ray Hawksworth, Victoria #12
2015-2016 Kay Thorne, Hope #2690
2016-2017 *Ray Hawksworth, Victoria #12
2017-2018 Dan Miner, North-West #2638
2018-2019 Joey Lasaga, Ladysmith #2101

*Upon winning the award twice, Sister Gail, Brother Will and Brother Ray have acquired a standing ballot each year for any nomination they wish to make, and take a place on the Committee to decide all future winners of the Best Web Site Award.

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