BC Provincial Auxiliary Officers 2017-18

2014-15 Provincial Auxiliary Officers 2017-18 
(back row, left to right)
Prov. Madam Chaplain Nancy Van Oosten, Prov. Madam Trustee Louise Alexander,
Prov. Madam Trustee Faye Cook, Prov. Madam Outside Guard Bobbi Williamson,
Jr Past Prov. Madam President Klara Schubert, Retired Romi McMullan, Regretfully Deceased Bev Bailey.
(front row, left to right):
Prov. Madam Treasurer Judy McMillan, Prov. Madam President Marilyn Lewis,
Prov. Madam Conductor Joanne Mallett, Prov. Madam Vice-President Donna Roach, Past Madam Pres. Shirley Hunt, Regretfully Deceased Joanne Krisko, Prov. Madam Inside Guard Barbara Calve.

Provincial Madam President’s Term Booklet

British Columbia Provincial Auxiliary Officers List 2018-19

Auxiliary Secretaries List 2018-19 

 Prov. Madam President
Marilyn Lewis Campbell River #3097
 Jr. Past Prov. Madam President
Klara Schubert Vernon #3557
 Prov. Madam Vice-President 
Donna Roach Prince George #3318
 Prov. Madam Chaplain
Nancy Van Oosten Cranbrook #3032
Prov. Madam Conductor
Joanne Mallett  Nelson #22
Prov. Madam Secretary
Joan Klit Trail #2838
Prov. Madam Treasurer
Judy McMillan Abbotsford #2726
 Prov. Madam Inside Guard
 Barbara Calve Victoria #12 
 Prov. Madam Outside Guard
 Roberta Williamson Ladysmith #2101
Prov. Madam Trustee
Faye Cook Trail #2838
Prov. Madam Trustee
Louise Alexander Abbotsford #2726
Prov. Madam Trustee
Elaine Dixon Hope #2690
Prov. Madam Trustee
Marlene Jordan Campbell River #3097
Prov. Aux. Auditor Chair
PMPP Lisa Kennelly #3032
Membership Chair
Cindy Smith #4281
Auxiliary Mother
Nona Millette Maple Ridge #2831